About Sasha

SASHA DYLAN BELL, or Oklahoma, as he’s called on hiking trails, walked on fire…three times. He has mad skills on Assassin’s Creed, loves De La Soul and has built a life around living creatively.

A native Australian, he spends his time between his home in Los Angeles and any country he finds himself adventuring in. Emmy-nominated for his television editing work, he has spent the last 15 years in the film industry. Before that, almost a decade as one of Melbourne’s fastest “flair” bartenders, managing nightclubs and flexing his creative muscles through directing music videos and live television.

When he’s not photographing creative portraits, travelling or devouring cinema (he once cried when he saw Steven Spielberg at the Hollywood Bowl), Sasha can be found hiking up any mountain that will take him. He has solo thru-hiked the John Muir Trail, 234 miles through the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges of California and swam with sharks to address his fear of the ocean (it didn’t work). He is married to Faery Faces owner and fellow-creative dreamer, Christina Evans.

director    │     photographer    │    editor    │     thru-hiker    │    gamer    │    marvel guy    │    comedy nut